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Being with Us Makes  Your Tour Give More Than You Expect

            GREAT DEAL KOMODO TOUR is an authorised tour organizer based in Labuanbajo, the main gate to  the world of tourism in East Nusa Tenggara Province which is widely known for its worldly class tourist destinations.  We  are present to be your best partner in making your dream tour memorable foreever. It is our strong belief  that the best quality tour does not only reside in the enchanting attraction of the tourist objects to visit  but also the way of designing the tour programs in such ways to ensure satisfying tour services byofferinga unique aspect of tour experiences in any destination. Being  aware of your dream of having innumerable and unforgetable  tour experiences,  we convince you that  GREAT DEAL KOMODO TOUR is  your right choice  to make your dream tour come true.

This tour  organizer focuses on designing tour packages which offer youa wide range of tourist attractions ranging from natural tourist objects to cultural ones. We are desirous of enriching your tour experieces in West Flores mainly comprising three areas; West Manggarai, Manggarai, and East Manggarai,  by blendeing the flavour of exploring natural and cultural tourist attractions. We bring you to reveal many more things about Komodo National Park, the charming nature of West Flores and the typcal cultural life of West Floresnese. Exploring ancient historical sites closely related to the present life of West Floresness such as traiditonal villages and natural caves where you can trace back the preserved remains of the peopel’s ancient life  is a tour product that our company offers. Our adequate experiences in organizing tour program enable usto present you a story with happy ending at the end of your tour.

Hospitality, Comfort, safety and satisfaction are four fundamental values we embed in our entire services. We are not perfect but we keep doing our best to make sure our clients’ right to have satisfying tour service is always realized.Your satisfaction is the proof of our  profesionalism is a  key motto we constantly respect in order to pursue the achivement of those basic values in our whole service.

 GREAT  DEAL KOMODO TOUR, as its name suggests,  emphasizes the importance of negotiation in offering the tour packages. However expsensive their price is, it is not fixed. We care about your right to consider the price we offer, so feel free to tell us about your price before we reach the best deal.The tour programs described here may change to meet your needs as long as the change benefits both the tour organizer and the costumers. You possibly would like to visit Wae Rebo without making a stop at Todo Traditional village. We are present to care about your needs for having satisfying tour experiences.

We are being experienced, knowledgeable, hospitable, responsible, well behaved, and strongly commited to sincere services,  we do believe your decision to choose our tour package will be an everlasting beautiful life story. Once we have reached the best deal, you are our king who deserve to all our best services.

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