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Full day trip (Pink Beach Snorkeling)

We proceed to visit Pink Beach at 01.00 P.M.  This is the last destination in our full day program. We spend about one hour or more here. Pink beach is well known for its typical pink color which yields the only attraction not found on other islands in Komodo National Park. The pink coastline and the clear blue sea water make the beach look like a rainbow on the ground. Scientifically, the pink color occurs due to the infusion of red skeletal pieces from the coral, pipe-organ coral. As the skeleton breaks apart, tiny pieces mix with the sand to create an overall pinkish hue. It is so charming that people call it the mystery of rare natural beauty.

This picture is captured from the hill top to the north of Pink Beach which is the best spot

to get the entire view of the exotic beach

This is one of the secluded beaches in Komodo National Park attracting a huge number of tourists every year. The stunning view of large coral reef which is home to thousands of fish and other marine creatures makes it the best choice for snorkeling.  Swimming, lying on the beachand taking picture of the unique sea panorama are your other favorable activitieshere. Going up onto the top of the hill on the east of the beach is a right spot for catching your special moment. As it is located in Komodo Island, the habitat of the giant lizards, you are likely to see komodo dragons roaming around the beach, so stick your guides and do not go far from the beach.

The scenic underwater view of pink beach

Later on, at 02.00 P.M we go back to Labuanbajo. We arrive in Labuanbajo when the sun is about to go down and it is the best time for catching the most wonderful view of Labuanbajo and the surrounding areas.

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