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Full Day Trip (Labuan Bajo-Rinca Island-Padar Island-Kalong Island-Labuan bajo)

Rinca Island

Right after having breakfastat 07.00 P.M our guides will be picking you  up at the hotel and drive you to the dock where we start our advanture to Rinca. It takes almost two and half hour to reach the island.
Rinca is the second bigest of the three big islands in Komodo National Park. It is is closer to Labuan Bajo than betterknown Komodo, and is considered to be the most accessible to enter the kingdom of the giant reptiles. A huge number of trourists visit  this  island every year. They mostly start their trip from Labuanbajo.
Rinca is geographycallly not far differet from Komodo Island. The rugged large savannah landscape which dominates the  island makes it a suitabel habitat for the giant ancient reptiles. This difference is largely due to the strong, hot winds coming from Australia. The komodo dragons living on the island are slightly different from those in Komodo Island. They are rather aggressive and this is sometimes a heart beating adventure mostly loved by lovers of nature challenge. In fact, the giant lizards are not the only attraction on the island, the other typecal wildlife such as wildboard, snakes, long- tailed monkeys, timor dear, water buffalo, butterflies with various color and a wide range of birds can  also befound when you have a chance of treking through the spots mostly inhabitied by the wildlife.

Relying on keen sense of smell, the  komodo dragon is detecting every prey  crossing the path where it hunts by stealth

Having reached Loh Buaya at 09.30 P.M, the entry point to Rinca Island, you will be welcome by the friendly professional rangers who will provide you with some necessary information about everything to ensure your secure comfortabel advanture. Listen carefully to the details of their information and stick to what  you have been told to  do. Remember you are in the natural habitat of  ferocious animals instead of a zoo. Don’t stay away  from the rangers, any incident may happend to any of you when you ignore being alert. The rangers usually bring forked sticks to chase away the dragons when they are likely to threathen you. The komodo dragons on Rinca Island are found to be more agressive than those on Komodo Island, so this must be a heart- pounding andvanture. However,  don’t let  it worry you  all time as this enhances the flavor of your adventure.

It is seen in the picture that a group of tourists are trekking to the natural habitat of the giant lizard on Rinca Island

Three options of treking to explore the habitat of Komodo  dragons  are available; short, medium and long. Each of these trekking takes different length of time. A short trekking is one hour; a medium trekking is one and half hour, while the longest one is almost two hours.

Padar Island

We go back to the cafeteria for lunch break at 12.00 and spend 30 minutes having a rest. We will head toward Padar at 01.00.P.MSailing for the destination takes less than 30 minutes. Padar is the smallest of the three big islands in Komodo National Park. It lies precisely between Komodo in the west and Rinca in the east. It was formerly one of the main habitats of the giant reptiles.
Unluckily, they gradually became extinct due to indiscriminate hunting on their preys. However, they were believed to migrate to the Islands nearby. Wherever they migrated is not important, it is worth realizing that   the rare ancient lizards are one of the most vulnerable specieson the earth. Unless their home is strongly maintained, our future generation will surely know komodo dragons by learning their fossil.

The absence of dragons never diminishes the appeal of the island. The attractive clear curved coastline that encircle the island and the steep hilly areas that extend along the island yield an exotic view. No wonder, it has been one of the favorite spots for trekking lovers. Besides, it is an ideal spot for catching the most spectacular pose with a charming landscape you might have never had in other places. The landscape is so exotic that some visitors take their pre wedding pictures here.

Padar trekking is little bit exhausting, so make sure you are fit. Bring your suitable clothe, shoes,  hat, and enough drinking water as well to give you comfort during the trekking. The narrow path and the strong wind blow slightly challenge you before reaching the summit where you celebrate your success in conquering the adventure.  Once you are there, you do not utter any other words other than wow, awesome. However, it is not possible to have trekking if it is stormy.

The most stunning landscape of Padar Island commonly known as the reward of a tiring adventure to Padar Paradise.


Kalong Island (The Island of Bat)

We proceed to Kalong Islandat 15.00 P.Mto see thousands of bats inhabiting the island. Starting our trip from Padar, we sail for Kalong Island within one and half hour. 
It is a beautiful quiet small island lying approximately 8 km to the west of Labuanbajo. Kalong is a local name of bats. Kalong Island means the island of bats.  It is the only home to millions of bats in Komodo National Park. Dense mangrove that covers the island makes it an ideal habitat for bats. Mostly populated by a huge number of bats, it is known as the kingdom of bats.

The golden sunset beautifies the sky over the kingdom of bats

Visiting the island in the afternoon is the only ideal time as the bats are flying out of their home when the sun is about to go down. That is why it is designed in the tour itinerary to visit the island in the late afternoon.We enjoy a spectacular view when thousands of bats are flying here and there over the island with golden sunset background.
The island keeps bearing a mysterious history. It was  told that anybody coming to the island get lost and never escape. It is still strongly believed by the local peopel, so nobody dare to trekk through the mangrove forest.
We go back to Labuanbajo at  17.00 P.M and then drive you to the hotel.


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