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Full Day Trip (Labuan bajo-Makasar Reef-Komodo Island-Pink Beach-Labuan bajo)

Labuan bajo-Makasar Reef (snorkeling with manta rays) – Komodo Island-Pink Beach-Labuan bajo

Makasar Reef (snorkeling with manta rays)

Soon after you have breakfast, our guides are ready to pick you up at the hotel you stay. We leave for Komodo Island at 07. 00 P.M. It is accessible by boats for more than four hours. We provide you with boats equipped with necessary facilities to ensure your convenience during the trip.
We sail along the groups of Small Island with typical savannah background. Gentle fresh air in the morning and the clear blue sea water seem to kill your boredom for the four-hour sailing.

Enjoy your challenges by swimming with the giant manta rays

Before moving on to Komodo Island, we will stop at Makasar Reef at 09.30 P.M. We spend about 30 minutes or more seeing the stunning underwater view. This is the most suitable spots for manta ray lovers to enjoy their sensation of swimming with manta rays.Our tour organizer provides you with necessary snorkeling equipments. However, if you are not experienced in snorkeling, you had better see the manta rays from the boat as the clear seawater makes them visible.

Komodo Island Trekking

Having arrived at Loh Liang at 10.30 PM, the main entry point to Komodo Island, you will be welcome by the friendly professional park rangers who will provide you with ample information about what to see, what to do, and what to prepare before exploring the kingdom of the ancient lizards. They normally give you this information no more than thirty minutes.  They   are responsible for making you feel secure during this adventure as they know a lot the lizards’ instinct behavior and their habitats.

Extending its forked tongue containing toxic saliva, this giant reptile is roaming around the beach

to keep the body warm in the morning.

Komodo is the largest of the islands in Komodo National Park and it’s also the furthest from the port town of Labuan Bajo. This is the trip to the kingdom of the giant lizards as most of them inhabit this island.On this island, you can see how the ferocious giant lizards live nearby  the local peopel residence. They look like domestic animals which roam around the  villagers’ houses. They are even normally found under the local residents’ housess waiting for feeding. However, don’t let their deceptive behaviours distract your alertness. They can be your deadly predators whenever they are hungry. Make sure don’t risk your life by being close to them without being accompanied by  your guides.

Komodo dragons are sometimes found around the rangers’ office at Loh Liang, the entry point

to  Komodo Island. They usually roam around in the morning when it is warm enough

to keep their body temperature. In spite of their being somewhat tame,

they are not your pets you can stay with.

Apporximately more than 2500 komodo dragons inhabit the island (the survey was conducted in 2015). The ecological balance on the island strongly contributes to their population increase. Illegal dear hunting and other mammals are always the main threat against their survival.

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